Important Notice

AISA takes serious note of the fact that Anmol Ratan, a leading activist of AISA, is facing a criminal complaint of sexual assault. He is henceforth expelled from the primary membership of AISA.

AISA will reflect on and deal with this issue with all the firmness it deserves. The fact that a leading activist of ours is accused of sexual violence calls for serious introspection and reinvigorating the process of sensitisation against sexual violence within and outside the organisation.

The fight against sexual violence does not rest only on battles we fight when the accused is remote and unknown. The real challenge – crucial to the fight for gender justice – rests on our willingness to act against members of our own families, our own friends, members of our own organisations.  

AISA will be unflinching for the principles of gender justice even if it involves a leading member of the organisation.

We stand by the complainant and will extend all possible support in her fight for justice.

All necessary action towards justice must be taken by the police without delay. The University must also take disciplinary measures against the accused, and must extend all needed support to the survivor.


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