Recognise, Resist #ShutDownJNU Phase – II

On the 27th of January, 2016 a new Vice-Chancellor took charge of JNU. Within 13 working days days of his joining, the President of the JNU Students’ Union was arrested- an event whose only parallel in history is the days of Indira Gandhi’s Emergency era. This was accompanied by the academic suspension of eight students without any basis, without as much as a show-cause notice and without any enquiry. Following this, two more students were arrested. All of these arrests were politically motivated and based on doctored videos. A false case of ‘sedition’ was filed by a BJP MP, aided by the ABVP, against scores of JNU students, and even after seven months of the FIR having been filed, the Delhi Police has not been able to file a chargesheet.

If this was Phase – I of #ShutDownJNU, this semester is witnessing Phase – II of the same. Not content with merely sending JNU students to jail, the JNU Vice-Chancellor is working overtime to turn the campus itself into a jail. The administration has launched a set of offensives that constitute a pattern, in order to attack the JNUSU and help the ABVP:

Shameful Harassment of New Students

The entire admission process this time was a saga of endless harassment and misinformation. JNUSU members were prevented from assisting students, their repeated demands were ignored. New students were continuously harassed. Time and again wrong information was provided to them. One woman student was even made the butt of jokes about how her figure in her photograph did not match her real looks. There was no transparency in fulfilment of reservation in the Persons With Disability (PWD) category.

Autocratic Surveillance 

‘Guidelines’ for surveillance of public meetings will be used to

Profile students based on their political interests

Stifle free speech and create a chilling effect, hollowing out JNU from the core.

Karamcharis are being subjected to biometric attendance, though biometric security in School of Life Sciences failed miserably.

Whose ‘Security’? Whose ‘Protection’?

When the JNUSU asked the JNU VC to take legal action against Sangh activist Amit Jani who issued threats against Umar Khalid, and ensure protection for Comrade Umar, the VC didn’t even reply.

The VC did not act against portals like Chakravyuh which are spreading lies and slanderous news about JNU teachers and the women of JNU. The VC did not issue a single statement against the media trial and attacks on JNU students.

Most recently, the profiling and humiliation of Yoga expert, Tejasvi Sharma, at Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, was a shameful attack on a JNU student. However, the VC, who has been asking the new students to perform Yoga, has not issued any statement or taken any action against the Dev Sanskriti University authorities.

Mr VC, JNU campus is safe because of the Left-progressive politics and due representation of all sections in the public spaces, not because of the security. It is you who jeopardise security of JNU students by CCTV surveillance and profiling and allowing people to be subjected to hate speech and witch-hunts!

Administrative Farmans in Hostels

The IHA is trying to control and dictate what students eat and how they conduct themselves. All hostel Presidents have expressed their displeasure with these guidelines, but even then the IHA is pushing these unilaterally. Mess committee and hostel committee members are being victimised and punished for raising the students’ issues.

In the meeting with hostel presidents and JNUSU, when the DoS was asked to clarify how the decision to install CCTVs outside hostels was taken, he only replied vaguely that ‘some’ hostel wardens have written to him. When he was told that hostel GBMs are the legitimate authority for raising any such demand, he said that ‘some’ students have emailed him! This undemocratic attitude and scorn for democratic institutions is characteristic of the Sangh Parivar’s deep scorn for democratic processes and institutions.

Bureaucratic Red Tape, Harassment of Students

The administration is replacing simple processes that would take only a few signatures by elaborate mechanisms that require several signatures and involve tremendous bureaucratic red tape.

The registrations of even continuing students is being held up.

Some staff members in SSS have embraced the task of denying fellowship and arrears of students on spurious grounds, and misbehaving with student activists.

In SLL&CS office, JNUSU office-bearers are told not to enter and students accompanied by them are turned down! Everywhere in the administration, the ABVP members are unduly favoured.

Staff are being shunted and shuffled, while faculty members are being unduly burdened with clerical and administrative work. Several RTIs from Sangh members are being routed to the Chairpersons, whereas these can be responded to by the administration itself. The Chairpersons are being constrained from performing their regular academic work.

The process of rotation of Chairpersons which would take place on a seniority basis, is now being done on the basis of ‘personal conversations’ with the VC in which the VC asks the candidates about their ‘vision’ for the Centre! So those who dissent from the Sanghi ‘vision’ or those from oppressed backgrounds will be prevented from becoming Chairperson!

Meddling With Academic Programmes

There is a move to shut down the Centre for the Study of Discrimination and Exclusion (CSDE) – the same centre that the RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya had branded as ‘divisive’ in Nov 2015!

Resist the Continuing Crackdown on JNU!

Defend JNU’s Democratic Ethos, Academics, Political Spaces!

Keep the #ShutDownJNU Forces Out of All JNUSU Posts!

Elect the United Left Panel to JNUSU 2016-17!


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