A Resounding Victory for the #StandWithJNU Spirit! A Decisive Defeat for the Forces that Sought to #ShutDownJNU!

We extend hearty congratulations to the JNU student community for the historic victory of the #StandWithJNU spirit in the JNUSU 2016.

We thank all JNU students for showing the world how elections in JNU are fought on the grounds of ideological debate. The United Left has been elected in all 4 positions in the Central Panel and has got landslide victories in various schools.

Comrade Mohit Kumar Pandey has been elected as the new JNUSU President, polling 1954 votes, and defeating the nearest opponent from BAPSA by a margin of 409 votes.

Comrade Satarupa Chakraborty has been elected as the new General Secretary of the JNUSU, polling 2424 votes, and defeating the rival from ABVP by 1094 votes.

Comrade Amal P P has been elected as the post of Vice-President, polling 2461 votes and defeating the ABVP rival by 1304 votes.

Comrade Tabrez Hasan has been elected as the post of Joint Secretary, with 1670 votes and defeating the opponent from DSF by 362 votes.

In the contest for councillor posts, the United Left swept the three bigger schools in JNU – Social Sciences, Languages and International Studies – by winning 14 out of 15 posts. The alliance also won councillor posts in the School of Arts and Aesthetics and the Part-Time constituency. Independent candidates won the councillor posts to the Science schools and the Centre for the Study of Law and Governance. ABVP was reduced to one post, winning the councillor post in Sanskrit Studies.

With this massive victory to the United Left, the JNU students have sent out a clear message that they stand emphatically opposed to the ruling class efforts to commercialise and communalise education, and in favour of the Left and democratic movement for students’ rights as well as for a more just and egalitarian society. The ABVP’s colossal defeat is a body blow to the communal-fascist forces who unleashed massive assaults on our public universities (including JNU, with the #ShutDownJNU campaign of the RSS-BJP-ABVP) in the recent times.

This JNUSU elections will also be remembered for the absolute amazing effort of the EC to finish the counting of more than 5000 votes in less than 24 hours. Let us all recognise how each and every member of the EC, through their hard work and steadfast resolve, ensured the smooth conduct of the election process, thereby proving once again the unique potential of this institution of JNU students before the entire country in these difficult times. A big congratulations to them for conducting the elections smoothly.

We salute the JNU students on their mandate, and pledge to carry forward our struggle for more socially inclusive policies, academics, infrastructure and facilities, and for social justice, secularism, democracy and gender justice in campuses and society, and to strengthen the fight for a society free of all oppression and exploitation.

 Shweta Raj (AISA) and G. Suresh (SFI), For Central Campaign Committee


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