We Will Not Rest Till Najeeb Is Back Safely In JNU and His Attackers Are Punished!

Shame on JNU Administration’s Callous Approach Towards the Missing Student and Partisan Indulgence Towards Perpetrators of Group Violence!

Najeeb Ahmad, a student of this very University is still not to be found. It is now the fourth day, and the administration and Police has not been able to find any trace. On 15th Najeeb was found missing. This, as you would all know, was the day after that he was brutally mob lynched by ABVP students in his hostel, Mahi Mandavi.

Yesterday, the Union went to meet the VC, Chief Proctor and Rector. The administration instead of taking any action against those accused, has actually gone ahead and issued a press release where Najeeb has been called ‘the accused.’ A student of this campus, who was mob lynched in front of his fellow hostel residents, Warden, and security officers – all of whom witnessed the heinous lynching and intimidation of Najeeb – and is now missing for the last four days, is being  called an ‘accused’ by the administration. While those who assaulted Najeeb in public presence of others are roaming freely on the campus.  How outrageous is this? The administration also refused to show any police complaint that it has filed.

After receiving such a response from the administration, hundreds of students of this campus marched to the Vasant Kunj thana to file a complaint of assault. After futile talks with the administration, JNUSU has now filed a complaint along with all the eye witnesses of this incident. Hundreds of students present at the Police station yesterday have also signed a complaint letter demanding urgent action on part of the Delhi Police.

Najeeb, who was subjected to group violence and now missing, is a student of this campus. The administration’s  response is shamelessly callous and reeks of partisan bias, evading all norms of institutional responsibility and accountability. JNUSU has today called for a complete University Strike. We need to take all possible measures to pressurize the authorities to realize that we cannot afford to sit silently when a student amongst us is missing for the past four days and the authorities have taken no action so far and have no answers till now.

We appeal to the student community to

Assemble at Ad block

today (18 Oct) at 2 pm

We all need to be together and ask for justice for Najeeb.

Mohit, President, JNUSU      Amal, VP, JNUSU     Satarupa, Gen. Secy, JNUSU      Tabrez, Jt.Secy, JNUSU


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