A first-year student of M.Sc. Biotechnology, JNU, Najeeb Ahmed has been missing from JNU campus since 15th of October, 2016 after being subjected to brutal attack and threats by ABVP members. However, even as the despair of Najeeb’s family, friends and the campus community increases with every passing day, the JNU administration has still NOT deemed it important to issue a single direct appeal to Najeeb assuring him of safety and justice.  In fact, the very ‘first’ Press Release issued by administration on 17 Oct, far from assuring Najeeb safety, found it more important to refer to Najeeb as an ‘accused’ and thus, add to his fears of being persecuted.  This press release had NO MENTION whatsoever of the attacks on Najeeb himself. This, despite the decisions of the 16 Oct Mahi Mandavi Warden’s Committee meeting and Proctor’s assurance- prior to this pathetic press release- that assaults on Najeeb will be acted upon.


Through JNUSU’s protest at MHA, a delegation of JNUSU along with the uncle of Najeeb met the Director of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Rakesh Mittal. He confirmed the formation of the SIT along with an assurance that strict instructions would be given to the Delhi Police to intensify and expedite the search operations. He further assured the JNUSU that a communication channel will be set up to provide all updates regarding Najeeb’s case on day to day basis.

JNUSU has been in touch with the ACP, South to press for action against the people who assaulted Najeeb and has communicated the dissatisfaction with the fact that the posters for finding Najeeb have NOT been pasted all over the city.

JNUSU has also suggested that in order to aid the process of the finding Najeeb, the members of the group which assaulted him should be questioned by the police and their phone records examined.

Additionally, Najeeb’s classmates, old friends, including those at his hometown and the people he contacted last, need to be contacted without any further delay for possible clues.


ABVP has been constantly peddling lies which need to be exposed. In various news reports, Saurabh Sharma of the ABVP has said that the teachers of JNU have hidden Najeeb!! ABVP is also slandering that a particular organisation has ‘hidden’ Najeeb. Not to waste time in pointing out the self-evident stupidity of these claims, we only have one thing to say to the ABVP- why don’t you give all this valuable information regarding Najeeb to the Delhi Police? If he is found, you will also get Rs. 50,000 as reward!!

In a show of utter frustration, ABVP has plastered the walls of JNU with posters under various fictitious banners, claiming to be concerned for Najeeb and spreading confusion among the students. One of these is the banner of “Mahi Mandvi Zindabad” which claims that the people campaigning for Najeeb are “defaming” Mahi Mandvi hostel. Let us be very clear-This is not about ‘hostel pride’, this is about a missing student. The tactic being used by ABVP is no different from the one being used by the current ruling establishment, whereby anyone questioning their misdeeds gets termed anti-national for hurting the ‘nation’s pride’!! What is important today -is not the restoration of “hostel pride” as the ABVP would like us to think, but the RESTORATION OF THE CAMPUS AND HOSTEL AS  SAFE SPACES!!

Further, regarding ABVP’s ridiculous claims of this being a ploy to defame them- We want to remind them that ABVP’s only claim to fame is of being a known force of lumpen fanatics in campuses who stop screenings, attack public talks, get books banned, and assault students and teachers alike. We have seen how their vicious hate machinery led to the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula and more recently, how they attacked a procession of Pinjra Tod in DU- where girls were simply asserting their right to free, unhindered movement.


In the days following Najeeb’s disappearance, the ABVP members who attacked and threatened him and the JNU administration which continues to provide them impunity have lost no opportunity to claim victimhood.  In fact, it was this sense of impunity of these self-proclaimed victims which empowered them to repeatedly assault Najeeb in the presence of wardens and security staff and due to which they have not been yet been arrested in connection with the abduction case going on in the Vasant Kunj police station!!

Another person trying to play victim in all of this is our Vice-Chancellor, Jagadeesh Kumar, who has the nerve to say to the media that he is being held “hostage” in his palace, and that the Registrar’s wife could not see him on Karva Chauth. Mr. VC, we don’t know how you are able to engage in festivities while a student is missing. However, before you claim victimhood, please remember that your family at least knew where you were to be found! Also, the students sent you food and even asked the Registrar, who claims to have a diabetes problem, to leave the building. It is Najeeb’s familywho does not know where to find Najeeb and whether or not he has eaten in 8 days!!It is shocking that the VC has the nerve to make the gherao an opportunity to hog limelight for himself, rather than focusing on Najeeb’s return.

Let us tell the JNU VC in no uncertain terms– in this entire process, there is ONLY ONE VICTIM and he is- NAJEEB AHMED. JNU student community will not let the perpetrators of violence against Najeeb and their protectors to play the victim card.

VC Must Answer

The Vice Chancellor, who is continuously talking to the press, issuing ‘releases’ and posting various notices on website,  MUST answer:

  • WHY did the JNU VC, who is otherwise quick to take to twitter against JNU students, FAIL to issue even a single sensitive appeal to Najeeb in public domain till date, guaranteeing him full security and an opportunity to lodge complaint against his assaulters?
  • If the JNU administration can use JNU website to issue appeals to students protesting outside the Admin block and post IHA notices on the “Mahi-Mandavi incident”, why could it NOT share on the same website the DECISION TAKEN BY WARDENS ON 16 OCTOBER to DEFER Najeeb’s punishment in order to inspire some confidence in Najeeb, assuring him that the JNU administration will uphold the principle of ‘no punishment’ before fair enquiry and no intimidation during the enquiry?


JNUSU reasserts the need to punish the ABVP lumpens who assaulted Najeeb and the impunity they continue to enjoy. The impunity provided to them by the JNU administration stands exposed as ABVP members who in front of several eye witnesses assaulted and threatened Najeeb are still roaming unpunished on the campus.

At this crucial juncture, there is an urgent need that we strategize and take the movement forward in a far-sighted manner now. JNUSU urges all organisations, students, teachers and even media personnel to extend support and suggestions for intensifying and strengthening the struggle for finding Najeeb.

We appeal to the student community participate in large numbers in the Human Chain today(23 Oct) at Ad Block to VC House at 4.pm and the #JusticeForNajeeb March tomorrow (24 Oct) from Mandi House  and all future actions.  

23 Oct Today: Join Human Chain

From Ad Block to VC House

Culminating in a Solidarity Public Meeting with Teachers and Citizens

 10 Days of Pain and Hope

24 Oct Monday- Observe National Protest Day

Join the Teachers, Students and Citizens of Delhi in the

#JusticeForNajeeb March

24 October @ 2.30pm from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar

and delegations to Delhi LG, National Human Rights Commission, National Minority Commission

24 Oct-No Classes in JNU after 1.00pm, Buses from JNU at 1.30pm


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