Join the Parliament March on 23 Nov Tomorrow In Large Numbers !!


To discuss the future modes of struggle to find Najeeb and punish his assaulters, on requisition, a UGBM was conducted by JNUSU yesterday. The UGBM was marked by spirited participation of students despite an onerous academic and examination schedule. Several constructive suggestions and criticism were raised towards Union in the UGBM. We welcome all these very pertinent points raised in the floor of the UGBM.

We are pleased to inform the student community that the JNUSU’s resolution – on the ongoing struggle, with the demand for immediate action on the ABVP lumpens who are yet to be punished despite being proved to be guilty of assaulting and threatening Najeeb in the Proctorial enquiry as well and the future course of action to intensify the movement – was accepted by the majority of the students present in the UGBM. This resolution endorsed the calls for Parliament March, meeting different parliamentariansto raise this issue in parliament, meeting the President of India, Chalo Badaun and other steps to intensify the movement in a sustained manner, inside and outside the campus, and give it a wider national dimension, till Najeeb is found and till we achieve justice for Najeeb.

The house also passed resolutions condemning the high handed nature of the administration, the incompetence of Delhi police and the attempts of ABVP to communally profile students belonging to minority community.

There were several other resolutions which were tabled and not passed in the UGBM floor. In a detailed reporting, we will put up before the student community all the resolutions which were tabled on the floor. Despite the divisions that happened on the floor, we remind and appeal to everyone in the University that the need of the hour is steadfast unity and mass struggle. We cannot allow any division or sense of cynicism to hamper the movement to find Najeeb and punish his assaulters responsible for his disappearance. We assure you that JNUSU is and will always remain receptive towards constructive criticisms and suggestions and work for strengthening the collective spirit to carry the ongoing movement forward.

As part of our future course of action, the JNUSU has called for a Parliament March tomorrow. We appeal to all of you to participate the march in large numbers.

#BringBackNajeeb   #JusticeforNajeeb   #PunishABVP

A Student from a Central University Campus in the National Capital Goes Missing

After Being Assaulted and Threatened by ABVP Goons!

38 Days of Pain and Hope-  38 Days of Missing Accountability- Missing Justice!

Against JNU VC’s Partisan Role and Violations of All Institutional Responsibilities Towards Najeeb !

Against JNU VC and Delhi Police’s Continuing Political Protection, despite Proctorial Report, to the Assaulters of Najeeb!

Against Delhi Police’s Grave Lapses and Misleading Media Feeds in the Search for Najeeb!

No Going Back Till Najeeb Is Found!    No Rest Till Najeeb Gets Justice!

Join March to Parliament

Demanding Justice for Najeeb

23 November Tomorrow @ 2pm  from Mandi House

Assemble at Ganga Dhaba at 1.00pm


Mohit, President, JNUSU      Amal, VP, JNUSU     Satarupa, Gen. Secy, JNUSU      Tabrez, Jt.Secy, JNUSU


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